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PA Rentals

We rent Pro Audio for a variety of events, from board meetings, to small and large venues. Backline is also available. From full on FOH systems with digital consoles, monitors, stage lights and mics, to small portable PA systems, we have what you need to be heard and make your event a success.  

Instrument Rentals

Are you unsure if your child will want to commit to music lessons? We offer electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and drums, either daily, weekly or monthly, so you can test the waters before investing in your own instrument.

School Band Rentals

We rent quality brand woodwind and brass instruments throughout the school year. When renting a new or instrument you may apply your monthly payments towards purchase (up to 4 payments for new instrument rentals). As some students may want to change from one instrument to another this is a great way to not be obligated to purchasing an instrument during the first year of school band. Once your student is sure of the instrument they want to play for years to come, applying rental payments towards purchase is cost effective. 

Alternately, we offer in-house financing on school band instruments, with our Rent-to-Own program, allowing you to purchase an instrument over a period of up to one year, making monthly payments.   

Please call us at (780) 679-0826 or visit us in the store to see which school band rental program would work best for you.